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Questa visiera monouso e’ prodotta in Regno Unito e puo’ essere personalizzata con il logo della vostra azienda. COSA RENDE QUESTA VISIERA UNICA Protezione per la bocca, naso ed occhi Pezzo unico, nessun pezzo distaccato Fascia in spugna – senza lattice approvata per uso medicale Copertura completa del viso e permette di parlare chiaramente senza essere attutiti Senza punti di pressione sulla testa Leggera – 35 grammi Laccetto regolabile Monouso per facile eliminazione a fine turno 80% di plastica in meno rispetto alle visiere standard Puo’ essere personalizzata con logo o stampata in qualsiasi colore, design, nome o messaggio scritto Stampata utilizzando inchiostri a base vegetale Ottimo Prezzo di vendita Prodotta in Regno Unito VISIERA STANDARD SENZA PERSONALIZZAZIONE MOQ: 50 TEMPI DI CONSEGNA: 4-5 giorni lavorativi VISIERA PERSONALIZZATA MOQ: 10,000 TEMPI DI CONSEGNA: 8-9 giorni lavorativi

Technical Information

This disposable visor is made in the UK and can be branded with your company logo.
Unbranded: MOQ: 50  |  LEAD TIME: 3-4 working days
Custom branding: MOQ: 10,000  |  LEAD TIME: 7 working days


The use of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) when dealing with aerosol generated viruses has never been so important as it is today. With the lifespan of the COVID-19 virus varying upon surface (up to four hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to two to three days on plastic and stainless steel*), it is critical that PPE equipment is safely managed of at the end of each patient contact.
Our single use, disposable SmartVisor has been developed specifically for this purpose, with all parts easily disposable and available at a highly competitive and cost effective price point for a single use item.
*Source: University of California - Los Angeles, March 20th 2020


Protection for mouth, nose and eyes
Part or Fully assembled
One piece, nothing to come unattached
Foam band – latex free approved for medical use
Covers full face and allows speech without being muffled
No pressure points on the head
Lightweight – 35 grams
Adjustable strap
Single use for easy disposal at end of shift
80% less plastic than standard visors
Can be fully branded or printed in any colour, design or message
Printed using vegetable based inks
Excellent price point
Manufactured in the UK

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