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Flocklined Nitrile Gauntlet Glove 15

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A premium grade lightweight Nitrile gauntlet designed for applications where chemical and mechanical protection is required. Excellent resistance against oils, fats, bleaching agents and solvents. ‘Lozenge' pattern on palm and fingertips improves grip and performance. Especially formulated for improved dexterity and minimal finger fatigue. Flock lined for moisture absorption. Suitable for use with Food

NRNF-15 Technical Data:

    General handling of dilute chemicals, solvents, animal fats, alkalis and petroleum related products. Printing, paint shops, food preparation NOTE: Not recommended for use with concentrated corrosive liquids.
  • EN Certification:
    • EN374 : Chemical Methanol (a): 2 | N-Heptane(j): 6 | 40% Sodium Hydoxide (k): 6
      Results at performance level 3 and inspection level G1 are classified as Acceptance Quality Level (AQL) = 0.65
    • EN388: Abraision:4 | Cut: 0 | Tear: 0 | Puncture: 2
      • Antistatic properties meet the requirements of EN1149-1:1996 for surface resistivity
      • Details of the suitability for contact with various food categories as detailed in EEC Directive are available on request. Please quote product reference when enquiring
      • PACKAGING - Box: 100 pairs


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