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Prodotta utilizzando una combinazione fra il nostro tessuto HTTY, imbottitura termica IFX e la tecnologia ReachEasy, rendono questo indumento uno dei piu' versatili e durevoli sul mercato. Ideale per l'utilizzo in refrigeratore ed ambienti freddi.


Collo alto felpato - doppio strato per extra calore

Tessuto esterno HTTY anti-strappo per maggiore durabilita'

Polsini in nylon - Resistente all'usura per maggiore durabilita'

Cerniera 'Opti Zip' - cerniera a spirale in nylon No.8 con Rating BS3084

Filato Anti-decomposizione per protezione da consumo in condizioni estreme

Alta visibilita' incorporata per maggiore sicurezza e visibilita'

imbottitura Termo-reattiva per tenerti a temperatura ottimale

Cintura elastica aiuta a mantenere l'indumento garantendo comfort e calore

Certificato EN342 0,381(B),2,X

Technical Information


  • High Fleece Collar - Dual layered for extra warmth
  • HTTY Rip-stop external fabric for increased durability
  • Nylon Cuffs - Resilient to wear for increased durability
  • Opti Zip - No.8 nylon coil zipper to BS3084 rating
  • Anti rot thread for protection from wear in extreme conditions
  • Built in Hi-Viz for increased safety and visibility
  • IFX Thermo Reactive Wadding keeping you at the optimum temperature
  • Elastic Waistband helps keep the garment in place ensuring comfort and warmth
  • EN342 0,381(B),2,X Certified - View Certificate

Recommended X12J + X12T use in cold temperatures for 1 hour


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enjoyable jacket


the most enjoyable jacket i have for work and when at home it is often slipped on as it so easy to wear, warm & comfortable


di -

Ordered a Thermal Bomber Work jacket (X12J) from yourselves and am very pleased with it. I would be interested in purchasing this style of jacket and the Thermal Work Trousers (X12T) for my Distribution team!


di -

One of the most successful garment purchases I've ever made during a life of over two thirds of a century. It slips on and off so, so easily. Wearing this garment, which I understand was developed for the benefit of those who work in the sub-zero temperatures of cold-storage units, allows one to get out and about with total confidence - completely insulated from the most bitterly cold weather. This jacket is the nearest thing to enjoying the bracing winter air without getting out from under the duvet! Furthermore, the bright yellow yoke ensures that when walking in narrow streets without a footpath, motorists slow right down at an early stage greatly reducing the fear of being knocked down. The exterior breast pocket is really handy for one's mobile phone. This saves having to let the cold air in while rummaging for it when it rings.

fantascitc jacket

di -

it's a great product. very recomended

da nip nips


this jacket keeps the chills off of me nip nips